Remap tutorial

Contribute data with remap

  • Remap ( is an online mapping platform for people with little technical background in remote sensing.
  • Remap uses the power of the Google Earth Engine, allowing you to access vast satellite data archives and state-of-the-art remote sensing methods.
  • Read more about remap in our open access paper(link)

Location search

  • Search for a location using the location search bar.

Focus region

  • Zoom to the region you want to work on.
  • Click Focus Region to define the boundary of the analysis.

Map control

  • Use Map Control to explore the different predictor layers that are used in the analysis.
  • Here we use the Normalized Differenced Water Index (NDWI) to highlight the differences between water and land.

Build training set

  • We use the Build Training Set tool to add markers for areas where we know tidal flats occur.
  • Use Add New Class to identify the classes you want provide training data for (we need tidal flat only). Modify the class name or colour using the gear icon located next to the class label.

Export data

  • Remap allows you to export the data using the Download CSV function.
  • Download the CSV and email it, along with your contact details, to the corresponding author of the paper (Nicholas Murray). We will assess the quality of data and, if it is sufficient quality, will include it in the version 2 classification.